Welcome to RedTigerBurningLust

I want to welcome everyone to RedTigerBurningLust. I will be doing M/M reviews and maybe other assorted rantings. Some of My favorite M/M writers are Chris Cox, J.L. Langley,  Anne Tenino, Lynn Flewelling, and Timothy James Beck.  I love many genres but thing that turn me off reading wise would be shorter to list, I hate Zombies, Post Apocalyptic Literature, Super Heavy BDSM, Breath Play (I am Asthmatic), Torture. NonConsent would be case by case basis, I read Cethe by Becca Abbot and it didn’t overly trouble me, but read Trusting thomas and what was done to Peter by his first dom and I hate calling him that as he was just an abuser who manipulated a newbie to the BDSM  scene appalled me. Thankfully there was very little of that to read about but as it was necessary for the story which was good I gritted my teeth and read it and loved the rest of the story by K C Wells. Thomas did a remarkable job at rehabilitating Peter rebuilding Peter’s ability to Trust in a Dom. I will probably post review to both of these later.

Thank and that is all for now


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