Honorary Blogger Langley Hyde: Summer Reads + Highfell Grimoires Giveaway

The Blogger Girls

Heather C:  The lovely Langley Hyde is here today at TBG talking her new steampunk book  Highfell Grimoires (its amazing!) and a crazy summer reading incident.  Oh, and there is a giveaway!


Summer Reads

by Langley Hyde

Recently, my book Highfell Grimoires has had the honor of being named in the Publisher’s Weekly Best Summertime Books list (you can find it under the fantasy/sci-fi section) and that got me thinking. What’s a summertime book, exactly? 

Summertime books are supposed to be fluffy. But, asking an average college student what summertime read they’re going to pursue would evoke a variety of answers. One guy might give you a dogged look and say, “Anna Karenina,” while the girl next to him would say, brightly, “I’m going to reread everything by Horror McGoreson.” 

When I think of summertime reading, I think of Costa Rica and lying on my stomach on a sandy beach…

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